Customer is always our first priority. We offer the best service to our customer by ODM and OEM.

We control our design and manufacture quality by ISO 9001 Management system.

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We follow the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) stander.

We do not recruit employees in a way that discriminates against race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age, disability or genetic information.

We do not hire child labor.

We offer good compensation and follow the labor low.

We have good communication channel for our employee.

We are not allowed sexual harassment in our working environment.

We have a “suggestion box ” for employee to communicate with our manager.

Employee communication number : 04-7523906-8 ext:19



We see our supplier as best partners. We work with them closely and looking for a long-term business relationship.

In order to build a win-win situation, we also build a good communication channel and share information to our supplier.

We follow the business moral to our customer and supplier.

If there is any illegal issue in our supply chain, please contact us directly.

We will investigate and punish any illegal situation.